About Us

Our Story 

We are are a family run business and have been growing ornamental plants since 1992. In the beginning, we only grew a small selection of plants, mainly Fuchsias and Regal Pelargoniums. Since those early days, we have expanded into more varieties which includes a wider range of perennials, bedding and hanging baskets. All the flowers that we have been grown in our family nursery and been cared for to make sure they are the best they could possibly be. 

Almost all of our sales are at various Garden Shows around the country that we attended. You might have seen us at Kent Garden Show, Gardeners World Live, Blenheim Palace, the National Flower Show, Stansted Park Garden Show and not forgetting the West Kent Garden Show to raise money for Tonbridge Football Club.

Missions Core ValuesObjectives 
Our mission is to provide the best of British homegrown flowers to the Brtish public, so they may have their own award-winning garden. 

- The best of the best: provide the customers with only the best flowers that have been grown on the nursery. 

- Customers are first: provide the customers with the best customer service. Listening to the customers to see exactly what they need rather what they want. So that the customer goes home with a plant that suits their lifestyle and the environment they live in.

- Making sure as an organisation to support the local horticultural industry. 

- Using old horticultural techniques making sure that the product is grown strong and resilient to the UK climate and environment